it's good to fork things up!

Scale  Matters! matters

  everything here is 


forkological dependence

beads of time, beads of tine passing through teeth


a configuration of time somewhere,
not everywhere





Welcome to the online 

Institute of 4orkological Studies

forkergirl has fun with Mardi Gras beads of multiverse.

Welcome to her forked theory of everything

            —limited edition   COME ON IN

specializing in Limited Fork Theory

these sites are similar, related, tines of each other; not all information is shared
and information is configured differently —in both Limited Fork neighborhoods:

there's lots to fork around with!

including now (22 September 2010) a video for ONE WORD book (forthcoming from Sarabande) featuring forked text written by Thylias Moss from her sixpack essay in One Word 

got to love forkology!  forkology rocks!

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Hello to my Toledo Friends!  Let us bifurcate together and dine on wonderful ideas; we will bifurcate above and below ground, rather like trees, anchored with roots that cling and spread in soil while our branches spread even between dimensions, temporarily connecting them -–I don’t think that any connection is or can be permanent; that is one reason that we must eat again and again (ideally stopping when we feel full, even though the feeling of fullness is temporary).  

         We will hunger again.  Everyday.  Probably several times a day.

Please think, if you don’t mind, for a moment of ceiba trees, or of any tree you have liked –-forgive me, please, for assuming that there is a tree you’ve liked.  If you dislike trees, this may not be a post for you, but I leave here a small interest in trees, a small interest that may become something else. 

Each tine of a limited fork also functions as a root and/or a branch and may curve, circle, disappear for a while, temporarily connecting things, possibly even snagging something tasty, something possibly nourishing, something that can be ingested –-maybe without harm(ing us), but what is ingested will change during this process, and we may change, so the temporary connections is also a means of exchange: we give something and we receive something;  we may not realize immediately that we are different, but we are. 



Jackie Robinson Day


Tax day also, all ye procrastinators!! –but the star of the day is Jackie Robinson!

Please enjoy the Jackie Robinson youtube playlist listed above

A poem for Jackie Robinson

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Posted 4 days ago

Jackie Robinson

Today is his day!

Posted 4 days ago
<p>at Chicago</p>

at Chicago

Posted 4 days ago

AWP - Cave Canem Panelsine

AWP - Cave Canem Panel

smaller_Thylias in Cushnie et Ochs dress; photo by Ansted Moss copy

I’m very happy to repost some success with my reading? –performance? –sharing? on Friday, 10 April on the Cave Canem panel (for AWP): “Three decades, Four Poets:  a lovely panel on which I was the only woman –and last, as in, perhaps, Save the Best for Last“?  

I shared, “Interpretation of a Poem by Frost,” a poem  (in its entirety here) that interprets  “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” –I…

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Posted 5 days ago

AWP Tomorrow --in Minneapolis, Minnesota!

AWP Tomorrow

smaller_Thylias in Cushnie et Ochs dress; photo by Ansted Moss copy

 Please join me if you can!

I will be at AWP in Minneapolis, Minnesota tomorrow.   I will be reading in the Cave Canem events” “Three Decades, Four Poets: Cave Canem Presents
Whiting Award Winners.” on Friday 10 April; details in case you’ll be in the area:

*         Event duration: 3 pm – 4:15 pm

*         Venue: Ballroom A, Level 1, Minneapolis Convention Center,
1301 Second Avenue South


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Posted 1 week ago

Coexistence by Stephen Gill

Moxie Supper:

Stephen Gill co-existence for a lunch of interaction

Originally posted on TIME:

The photographic voice of the English photographer Stephen Gill always has a playfully inventive ring. His book ‘Hackney Wick’ (Nobody, 2005), named after an area in east London where the photographs were made, is comprised of pictures taken with a cheap plastic lens camera he bought at a flea market in…

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Posted 1 week ago

Carrie Mae Weems: A Look Back on Three Decades

Moxie Supper:

A most delicious book!

Originally posted on TIME:

The cover image of Carrie Mae Weems’s engaging book finds the artist and photographer wearing a long black dress as she stands at the shoreline with her back to the camera, looking at the ocean. It looks as if she is contemplating the morning. We, the “reader” or “viewer,” wait in anticipation to open the book and look into her world.…

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Posted 1 week ago

Revisiting the Mastery of Mexican Photographer Manuel Álvarez Bravo

Moxie Supper:

A meal of “poetic complexity” –good for any time of day

Originally posted on TIME:

Often cited as Mexico’s most celebrated fine art photographer, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, whose life almost spanned the entire 20th century, relentlessly captured the history of the country’s evolving social and geopolitical atmosphere. A Photographer on the Watch, a new show organized by the Jeu de Paume…

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Posted 1 week ago

A Visionary Journey

Moxie Supper:

Never-ending meal of delight!

Originally posted on TIME:

Imagine for a moment hurtling down a roadway as fast as your legs could carry you—all the while blindfolded. Sound scary? Henry Wanyoike does it every day, along the dirt roads around his Kenyan village and on the speedy tracks of Olympic stadiums. Wanyoike, 38, has won three gold medals in three Paralympics—his first in the…

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Posted 1 week ago

Interactive Panorama: Step Inside the Large Hadron Collider

Moxie Supper:

Higgs to the rescue! Best meal ever!

Originally posted on TIME:

A note to viewers: LightBox suggests viewing the panorama in full-screen mode. For visitors on a mobile device or tablet, we recommend utilizing our versions optimized for a fully immersive experience:

iPAD version | iPHONE version

Above: The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) is one of two main detectors at the LHC. It…

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