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Connected  (on some scale in some location for some duration of time)                  

Limited Fork Tines...


...form nets, lattices, complex dynamic ladders, scaffolds, exo- and endo- skeletal systems of support.

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This page (and at least another) is a ladder system with rungs of video poam that extend principles of Limited Fork Theory through their work in interactions and commitment to transformative pursuits that, as this work continues, will identify more points of connections, configuring existence into a wider variety of structures and meanings, and therefore also more possibilities for evolutions of everything

arriving  (Limited Fork Theory maintains in spite of losses between tines even when those tines are a safety net of incredibly fine mesh, but not solid, so particles, iota gets through, perhaps adhering briefly to tines or rungs of another forking system);

arriving with everything at a fundamental state of collaboration, a form of unity that as well as arrival could also be configured as return to something even more fundamental than a collaborative state in which small actions can be (as reverberations and resonances, pass through things in varying intensities in every possible direction from the activity establishing a turbulence field) amplified and modified: forms, versions, iterations, configurations, generations

and a oneness that becomes possible as ways to connect with anything emerge,

until some moment, if moment will still be able to refer to this event since time itself participates, collaborates with these processes and is also subject to influence, to being marked in some way as having participated in an interaction system;

until some moment (a convergence perhaps) in which after all possible connections and interactions on every scale in every location for every duration of time have occurred,

something else likely would need to emerge to function as support for the entangled state of everything actively connected with everything; every metaphork transformation exerting some form of evidence of existence, some sum—

—will the lattice grid be pulled tighter as a consequence or poam of the gapless state of every connection active on every scale in every location for every duration of time, profoundly reducing space between stuff; connections behaving as dense fill as well as behaving as outlines of paths connections took (such as the beauty of captured lightning: acrylic Lichtenberg figures in which paths of electrons  form trees, 3D bifurcating trees of electron wrecks; I own two limited forked trees of electron wrecks).  

In existing Limited Fork Theory, tine activity is its own metaphork for reaching, seeking, trying to connect; based on configurations of realities that Limited Fork encourages, a progression from bifurcating in pursuit of connection on every possible scale in every possible form in every possible location for every possible duration of time is a clasping; a griping, an increased density, reduction of mass, increased energy of holding, sustaining the clasp. Infinite attraction that by infinitely attracting intensifies the density outcome of intensifying attraction —and then?   

Oh so connected; oh so unable (for some duration of time? of timelessness?)
to let go.  

To the left, forms of lattice as part of a burqa or forked multidirectional lens system, an image shared under a Creative Commons Attribution license 2.0.  Above is a form of emerging clasp interacting systems merger shot by Ansted of kna'Knox.

Lattice, ladders, scaffolding, exo- and endoskeletal systems were the subject of a Limited Fork Theory (then known as Limited Fork Poetics investigative event in Fall, 2006: Pleasurable Complexity.   


accompanied a multi-venue Limited Fork  poetry event  in November 2006 at the University of Michigan.  The event featured photographs in the Duderstadt Center Gallery by John Chervinsky, improvisational music in the Video Studio by  

Ed Sarath and his Jazz Improvisation Graduate Class, and piano improvisations by Ansted Moss, now with the Strexx Quantum Orchestra.  Much of the content of the event book was presented, in various forms, by Thylias Moss who also projected two video poams: 

Pleasurable Complexity and Talk Dirty Pi Complex to Me (romance colored by numbers) on textured surfaces. (Soundtrack of the video poam Pleasurable Complexity composed and performed by Ansted.  Pleasurable Complexity event book and video poam contain images 

© by John Chervinsky who reserves all rights.  

Used by Permission).

Pleasurable Complexity video poam


Talk Dirty Pi Complex to Me (Romance Colored by Numbers)




Tines of the Limited Fork are incomplete; they hold possibility of loom,
a weft set, a warp set;  they seek to connect to weave into themselves fabrics of realities, beautiful grid systems like the cosmos, intricately woven planetary and satellite ring systems, supernovae kaleidoscopic threads, needling comets, solar mass ejections extending
like the movement of mortarboard tassels at the moment that achievement becomes official.
                               They seek weave.

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