forkergirl & the multiverse video trilogy

Watch as forkergirl takes you on a tour of some basic tenets of Limited Fork Theory that serve as a root system for two video poams that explore, through various configurations of shadows, reflections, and kaleidoscopic extension, the local as shadow, reflection, and kaleidoscopic extension of possible configurations of the whole shebang: Particle Popping: Digging on the Muon Blues and Feeling Kelvin: a Wheel Rocket caliente mix (of a forked part of the particle popped multiverse).

Using strands of Mardi Gras beads, forkergirl demonstrates a few basic principles 

of Limited Fork Theory (the study of interacting systems: visual, sonic, olfactory, cognitive, tactile, imaginary, etc. on any scale[s] in any location[s] [including imagination] for any duration[s] of time): the beads are strung on a foundation of connectedness (across scale, location, time, etc.); the necklaces demonstrate a model of instantaneous travel from one bead or scale or universe, etc. to another (any other) bead or scale or universe, or reality, etc. including scales and/or universes within a bead or scale or universe.  The beads also function as metaphor for Limited Fork metaphork.

This video trilogy (and multiverse gateway) reveals some of why it's useful and good to fork things up! Limited Fork is food for thought and a way to serve it. Alternative and warped fractal mapping of infinite path systems that connect anything, everything. From these connections come poams: products of acts of making,  all creative and possible. Limited Fork is what happened when forkergirl realized that poetry IS a dynamic, complex system with its own rules and principles, instead of looking for a way to apply tenets of complex systems in theoretical science  to what those tenets exclude. Those tenets and everything else are imperfect (limited —as they should be) tines of the limited fork.


6 Multiverse Tines around 

the forkergirl & the multiverse video trilogy tines:


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