forked forkergirl particle pops a beaded multiverse  puzzled video still

 forkergirl particle pops a beaded multiverse info:

Using strands of beads, forkergirl demonstrates a few basic principles of Limited Fork Theory (the study of interacting systems: visual, sonic, olfactory, cognitive, tactile, imaginary, etc. on any scale[s] in any location[s] [including imagination] for any duration[s] of time):

The beads are strung on a foundation of connectedness (across scale, location, time, etc.);

the necklaces demonstrate a model of instantaneous travel from one bead or scale or universe, etc. to another (any other) bead or scale or universe, etc. including scales, universes within a bead or scale or universe.

Configurations are reconfigurable
(including configurations of forkergirl).

Forkergirl has fun
(on multiple scales in multiple locations for multiple and varying durations of time).

--she must have fallen, must have slipped right through
the flexible tines of a limited fork herself.