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This guided tour

began with considerations of outcomes of redefining poetry as the dynamic system it already was (and continues to be), without being perceived (or having to be perceived) that way, understandings of things being especially flexible  and configurable when forked.


In this Limited Fork audio training poam, Forks and ladders, those interacting with it are asked to map content onto a moving structure, such as a system of rotating ladders as an iteration of a fork (or growing, changing, interacting, for instance) system. 

Dimensionality of course may be a factor/variable/content component, 

as aquisition and shedding of dimension help shape how content connects and how content is shaped as a result of attempted connection behaviors, some of which succeed in various ways.  Something happens on some scale, in some location, for some duration of time, and the limited fork inquiry seeks to find out what happens under various sets of circumstances which themselves are outcomes of interactions and connection behviors.

Remember that three-dimenional forms can be expressed in two-dimensional ways for approximation on flat hosts such as surfaces of conventional paper; the  nets of platonic and archimedean solids are 2D depictions of 3D forms such as cubes and tetrahedrons.  

Using such solids, it becomes easier to conceive of and to construct, whether for a flat or a more dimensioned residency, a 3D sonnet or villanelle or sestina or story or essay, for instance, not just mapping the words onto such forms, but givng shape to the idea system words attempt to represent.  A kind of origami of idea and realities as a form of connectible and/or connecting origami of idea galleries. A form of extreme and splendid origami.


In a 3D understanding of the dress is red, for instance, those words may be placed more like a constellation, each word (or components of words) not on the same plane at all, the relationship perceived as a function of the breakdown of depth perception at such distances --relatively no depth at all, and yet constellations exist, inspire, assign to us meanings of personality and identity, based on inspiring and useful illusion of perception.

Pop-up books restore some of dimensionality of flat surface hosting and representation through systems of folding and unfolding: accordion and pleated systems.  



(Take a look at the interesting constellation-based interactive [hypertext] poam system Vniverse by Stephanie Strickland and check out the Dreamlife of Letters by Brian Kim Stefans for a flash-animation poam whose text behaviors occur on a single plane but do give words and word components independent movements & perhaps separate ambitions that converge here & there, and transform.] 

kna' is a place for theory & practice of impossible structures and evolutions of dimensionality.)

What might appear to be

a red dress, as a result 

of the collaboration 

of many factors and interactions, 

held together 

by collaborating perceptual factors, 

including encouragements

could turn out to be 

something configured 


under other collaborating 

perceptual factors

 and encouragements.


So there may not be a red dress at all; dress and red may not actually meet, or may pass through or by each other without locking, an idea experiement pursued in the video poam:

Wannabe Hoochie Mama GALLERY OF REALITIES Red Dress Code.