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forks and ladders images are from Theodore Gray's periodic table site where banners of periodic table spellings using images from his photographic periodic table of the elements may be purchased. 

In playing with (investigating, 

experimenting with [also reconfiguring, sometimes overcoming]), 

framing systems: those walls of perception shaping information into (often rigid) structures perceived as knowing and understanding;  

in playing with these frames, 

a limited fork recasts those frames 

into flexible forms.  

Imagine that the walls that contain 

(and are contained by) information 

are forms of forks themselves, 

with obvious gaps 

so that it is easier to both think of 

and configure many entry and exit points 

into and out of those walls 

that are themselves connected 

to other grid-walls of information 

in any way that it is possible 

for walls to be in both direct 

and indirect contact.



 Forks and Ladders  (18:19)

For this 

thought experiment,


that reality and various compartments of reality 

are formed with 

LADDER systems.

That walls , ceilings, floors are varieties of ladders, folding ladders, twisting ladders (like a spiral staircase ladder and ladders of DNA).


This is 

a guided inquiry

 into some of 

what can arise 

when realities and information are series 

of interacting ladders 

that are flexible 

and can behave 

in any/every  

imaginable way, imagination then hosting these events of flexible ladder interaction that really do fold and unfold in a vastness of mind-space.  




Challenges, delights, and possible discoveries of placement of idea systems on flux structures which are display and event hosts (including conventional paper pages [pre-Livescribe paper and the Pulse smart pen system, a paper that records and plays back audio, and has computer interface with what is written/drawn on the paper with the Livescribe Pulse smart pen], and pre-the-just-now-unfolding possibilities of iPad) of an idea system —are special interests of the interaction seeking and causing twisted limited fork whose tines sometimes function as rotating curved ladders mixing things up, folding swirls into the batter.