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interactions are not obligated to occur 

only between entities with similar structure; 

an idea system includes configuration 

and expression in multiple modes:  sonic, mathematical, tactile, visual, etc.  

Because of a ladder system in which 

each rung may be a different mode system, 

each rail may be a different mode system; 

forms of access tend to enable those   

with various forms of sensory 

and/or perceptuasl compromise 

(or augmentation as in forms of synesthesia

by providing many ways 

to enter and exit the ladder 

(or lattice) idea system.  


(its enabling or its restriction) 

becomes a concern of Limited Fork Theory, 

is a consequence of interacting.  


Stephen Gill's impressive visual work 

is interaction that explores interactions, 

especially stages and intervals of imprint 

in the mind and on the senses, 

visual memory and visual processing 

two of the plastic or adaptable rungs. 

He is very much aware of systems at work, collaborating 

(as does Andy Goldsworthy

with environmental forces and partners 

that continue authorship 

and are also (as) responsible 

(as Gill is) for aesthetic potential 

of the outcomes (poams).


As with constellations, components of idea systems do not need to be on the same plane, or expressed in the same mode or remain on the same plane or remain in a single mode.  And an idea system includes connections and associations made in subsequent interactions.  A participant in an interaction may also be part of many other interaction sets on many scales in an apparent simultaneity.


Please watch the following two exquisite interacting video poam systems. Each of these connected video poam systems is concerned with and committed to 

matters of access, 

video system poams about  

sonic fabric 

(that retains memory or a record of having been a sonic cassette tape system 

—that is: there is some residue, some evidence, some marking, some influence [however minimal] that occurs in interaction) that is outcome of interactions (mergers, convergences, partnerships) between  Tibetan prayer flagssail tell-tails, and cassette tape, factories, inspiration, innovation 

bringing together elements of culture, waste, spirituality, possibility, responsibility, aesthetics, imagination, collaboration: wonderful examples of applied Limited Fork Theory.


(from Stephen Gill's Buried series)

I have grown much 

from interacting with them


I arrived at Mid-Hudson Taffy).


 sonic fabric - alyce santoro


sonic fabric factory - alyce santoro



is at the heart of 


a video poam 

that is all heart.  

In considering 

the flexibility of framing


and how adaptable 

framing systems can be, 

must be, actually, 

in order to accommodate 

the infinities 

of possibilities 

within infinities 

of realities.


How impressive it is 

what a fork can become, 

how a fork can be configured 

to enable the reliable usages 

that those with physical compromises 

would face if using only tools 

and utensils that were not configurable, 

that could not adapt 

to additional realities.

Do note that these reconfigured forks 

in the next video

do not restrict access 

to those whose physical challenges 

might require such adaptations; 

it may turn out these 

are better tools depending on 

conditions of an interaction.  

Possibilities beyond intended functions 

can emerge, have emerged.  

There is also beauty 

in the adaptations 

of adaptive eating utensils.


Dining with Dignity