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 The Stig's paternity confirmed!


The Stig declared heir to Gort's fortune

on the day the banks stood still!


Love live Gort in Stigness!


Gort becomes Stig!

That's right; long suspected of having mingled with the natives and left behind his advanced alien DNA, this metaphork exposes the rest of what happened on The Day Klaatu made The Earth Stand Still!

Watch as The Stig, the enigmatic Top Gear entertainer and bon vivant who can drive circles around anything  circular (just connect the dots and particles) reveals the Gort-ness under the racing suit.  Not quite an Incredible Hulk break-out moment, because this is the British kind of pulled-back breakout in keeping with the Stig's swerve. 

Step by step, in the cocoon of time and tech, GORT BECOMES THE STIG!

See 3 transitional phases of this metaphork!

Watch/download the three-second movie version of the Gort-Stig Metaphork Transformation 

here                                         or here:


 phases of the Gort-Stig Metaphork

phases of the Gort-Stig Metaphork

 phases of the Gort-Stig Metaphork