Never before seen

(unless you've been here on this page before

or here )

time lapse footage of a metaphork kaleidoscopic extension rise 


of a configuration of cultural, racial, social, and political distances

(each little infinite-coastline kind of increment bypassed in a loop of omission: [see forkergirl particle pops a beaded multiverse for a larger scale demo of instantaneous travel and resulting loop of omission])




that emerge in a Limited Fork metaphork video poam 

dream journey:

Sambo to Obama:

from one icon to another

In seconds, travel from reviled

to praised, admired, honored

(for having ascended to the presidency at all, regardless of the rating of configurations of his performance)

—from maligned to tine divine!

a configuration of part of the (partial) transformation of a nation

(can elect to do)


(optimized for iPod/iPhone)