(forkergirl's hair empowered by Amphigory)

(music composed and performed by Ansted of kna'Knox

vocals by forkergirl  [11:13])



(the study of interacting systems)

is also 


(click above for Flash interactive version of this sitethese sites are similar, related —tines of each other; not all information is shared 
and information is configured differently —in each Limited Fork neighborhood

that not only includes, but also appreciates: imagination, 

the fruitfulness of dead ends, the possibilities of error, 

the usefulness of failure, the beauty of the many configurations of the box that the limited fork 

comes out of and goes into, forking, reconfiguring, shaping, folding, unfolding, and bifurcating all the way. 

        Many paths to many worlds: one limited fork

...each tine of which is a limited fork system, each tine of which is a limited fork system, each tine of which is a limited fork system, each tine of which is a limited fork system, each tine of which is a limited fork system, each tine of which is a limited fork system, each tine of which is a limited fork...

Limited Fork Theory offers meaningful and/or enjoyable ways to connect anything, everything (on some scale in some location for some duration of time). Works best with growth and transformative situations. Experiments with connection across scale and boundary.  This site is one of the homes of a thinking system tool born in a movie theater, a simple and limited tool that can enhance perception, and can enable forms of making that are less likely 

to occur without enhanced perception that focsues on what happens in any interactions and connections. The creativity of investigation emerges with a limited fork; new forms can emerge as outcomes of partnerships between investigation, documentation, and an interest in/a need for ways to express findings that may not conform well to existing forms that themselves are subject to adaptation in interactions (collaborations) with investigation. Warning: the limited fork is not afraid of paradigm shifts, first in poetry, then in much more generalized acts of thinking, configuring, playing, responding, making, creating, perceiving, framing, etc. 

        Go ahead; play with the fork and fork away! 

This approach to anything on any scale in any location came into being under very simple non-scholarly circumstances, but can affect everything, and can also construct powerful flexible learning spaces and experiences.   

Great for integrative learning and living in the fork's interest in putting things together in all the ways things can be put together (temporarily). It's useful and good 

to fork things up! Limited Fork is food for thought 

and a way to serve it.    

Alternative and warped fractal mapping of infinite path systems that can connect anything, everything.  

From these connections come poams

products of acts of making 

(any acts of making by any makers) —all of them creative and possible, even if brutal, volatile, insensitive, dishonest, for every now and then is the temporary configuration of what can seem profound, uplifting, able to transform the miraculous into the possible, the attainable, all the more remarkable because it does not last.  We would be ruined, in all likelihood by immortality.


Limited Fork is what happened when forkergirl realized that poetry IS a dynamic, a complex system with its own rules and principles, instead of looking for a way 

to apply tenets of complex systems in theoretical 

science to what those tenets exclude. 

Those tenets and everything else are 

amazingly imperfect (limited) tines of the limited fork.

What we think we know is only what manages to adhere to the tines; 

most probably slips right through those gaps of variable widths, lengths, shape, and behaviors 


 My name is Limited Fork.  
A Limited Fork is
a fantastically flawed tool that helps give temporary shape to anything that manages to stick to any 
of its branches 

(tines, prongs, etc.) anywhere 

on any scale for any duration of time.

Use it to rethink everything.


  Limited Fork      Theory

  • studies interactions
  • arranges interactions
  • participates in interactions
  • seeks interactions
  • requires interactions
  • wants to believe in a fundamental collaboration of being and expression

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