Mother of Limited Fork Theory who gave birth to LFT as LFP (Limited Fork Poetics) in the Quality 16 Cinema on Jackson Road in Ann Arbor in October 2004, only to find herself adopted by LFT, a configuration of relationship that reconfigured her as LFT's daughter 4kergirl, a title that also configures her as a primary practitioner (aka forkergirl) of LFT


modifiers (Limited Fork Theory itself is also a modified enabler of shifting modifications), related to Limited Fork Theory; that which is 4orkological or forkological is capable of modifying or of being modified; can configure and/or can be configured; not much is better than a little or a lot of 4orkological taffy



 The study of Limited Fork Theory



A configuration of inclusion, attempts to be complete conclusion, but the limited fork allness system has gaps, holes; can be understood as a sieve; attempt at a configuration system outside of which nothing exists, so nothing,  assuming a configuration of a system that is nothing exists, must be part of an allness; usually used as a singular term to establish that each allnes configures its content differently yet accesses the sum of configurable content within the context of that allness; multiple allnesses may exist concurrently; a sum of all allnesses would be an everything, would still be an allness because another sum of all allnesses would be configured differently, according to the configuration parameters of that sum. An allness may include multiple infinities.


event and/or host of event that splits, a literal or figurative tree, a process such as evolution, active subdivision, multiple strands of activity, behavior; to branch, to keep branching; each branch may split; to go fractal, growth system; a form of unfolding; may bifurcate on smaller and smaller scales or larger and larger scales; inward and/or outward expansion

FORK (verb)

to activate a limited fork system, to be a fan or student or interpreter or practitioner or teacher of:

(though in Limited Fork Theory, all roads that are possible to take are taken —on various scales, in various locations, including additional universes, imagined, dreamed, and real event hosts according to any definition of real that behaves according to criteria of reality in the host circumstances supporting the definition system which includes systems of what is, was, or becomes definable); 

to bifurcate, branch, to subdivide, to travel, to reconfigure a system or subsystem, to be reconfigured; to use a limited fork, to attempt to access (part or parts of) information yet managing only temporary encounter system with configurations of what apparently manages not to slip completely through tines whose spacing discourages absolute capture and absolute meanings while providing additional locations to fork pursuit of them



those walls shaping information into (often rigid) structures perceived as knowing and understanding; the flexible boundaries of configuration, ability to form destinations and targets of reference; perceptual temporary glue, the bones, system of context,  scaffolding, internal or external or combination scaffolding



(also known as

a form of blossoming; an unfolding in which each unit that unfolds is connected, has or finds or develops a logic of connection through which there is a larger linked-set or connected condition poam.  The unfolding (a form of multi-dimensional rippling) is able to connect on multiple planes, angles, vertices, dimensions, the framework of this extending being reminiscent of images that form in a kaleidoscope as it turns/is turned; may be called going fractal when the kaleidoscopic extension occurs within an entity.  





Totally flawed device; unreliable utensil; full of holes of variable configuration, variable substance, variable behavior, variable location, variable dimension, variable scale; a bifurcating tool whose tines are of variable configuration, variable number, variable substance, variable behavior variable location, variable dimension, variable scale, variable behavior; will attempt to connect anything, belongs to whatever adheres and to whatever passes through

Below is a short film by Tucker Capps for One Word book showing the limited fork in action; written by Thylias Moss as 4kergirl, a tine of her essay sixpack



a tine or branch of Limited Fork Theory concerned with identifying and understanding properties of poetry systems and subsystems; the initial Limited Fork bifurcating system, one of whose branches revealed that LFP was just a branch of LFT


the study of interacting systems:

visual, sonic, olfactory, cognitive, imagined, electromagnetic, tactile, etc. on any scale in any location for any duration of time; a tine of forkology or 4orkology a tool of configuration and reconfiguration that establishes and investigates temporary connections which function as hubs of possible influence as an outcome (poam) of connecting on some scale in some location for some duration of time, hubs shaped by some of the nature of direct and indirect contact opportunities; explores only some of what happens in contact opportunities because the limited fork itself is flawed; information passes through tines without notice, and information that adheres to tines experiences contact opportunities in adhering, resulting in outcomes whose reliability is suspect and limited to possibility since information that perhaps could support definitive configurations may have passed through tines or may have acted on a system or subsystem of contact opportunity while caught by some aspect of tine system; unable to resolve ownership and authorship disputes when a single author or owner is claimed; in attempts to configure resolution of such disputes, becomes a (tine of) co-owner and (tine of) coauthor by interacting with the dispute


An outcome of intersection; information generated by the interaction; configuration of the interaction itself; often reconfigures boundaries between participants in an interaction where contact is made; behavior (or other aspects of configuration) of participants may be influenced by having made contact; some form of having made contact may persist, perhaps diminishing on some scale in some location for some duration of time, perhaps strengthening on some scale in some location for some duration of time; an entity may have multiple memory folds in varying stages of influence; opportunity for influence; information tends to remember having made contact; the memory may be subtle or immeasurable; fold suggests forms of compiling the contact information; there is a possibility of that which folds to unfold on some scale in some location for some duration of time, a possibility accompanied by possibility of some configuration of persistence to function as a configuration of crease: the evidence of occurrence of interaction.  Folding is also a way for influence information to come into contact with other parts of an entity; transportation, as folding increases, of increasingly (usually) indirect contact with the influence information set; sites of direct and indirect contact with influence information are also locations where bifurcation opportunities are increased as folds frequently spawn bifurcation or becomes a bifurcation point; can be a driver of transformation (on some scale in some location for some duration of time).


a bifurcating and/or kaleidoscopic extension system; a limited fork theory metaphor; an equation of bifurcating system approaching equivalence in either direction in which both directions may be bifurcating systems  and/or kaleidoscopic extension systems; tines may function as the linking mechanism or system between entities convening in a metaphork linking system or metaphor


product or products of act or acts of making;

in the most formal usage (not mandated), uppercase Poams refer to boundary or container product[s] of act[s] of making while lowercase poams refer to contained product[s] of act[s] of making (most are P[p]oams: contained and container simultaneously even though both states may not be perceived simultaneously by an observer or participant in an interaction with the P[p]oam system; choosing Poam or poam, in the formal usage, fixes the framing configuration of container or contained on some scale in some location for the duration of that particular system of interaction.

A tine that is oriented (on some scale in some location for some duration of time) in a direction that becomes generally perpendicular (on some scale in some location for some duration of time) to another tine or other tines that may themselves temporarily become perpendicular (on some scale in some location for some duration of time) to another tine or other tines; rungs may or may not make direct contact with other rungs or tines (on some scale in some location for some duration of time); a looped rung may be considered (configured as) a system of tine and rung; a looped tine may be configured as a system of rung and tine


a prong of a limited fork tool; a branch of a bifurcating system; a subsystem; a component, part; a participant in an interaction; collaborator; may also be a poam; related to rung; a unit of measure, a unit of understanding, the tie that temporarily binds, can be an entry point, can consist of  an undetermined number of entry points, may be segmented, may take on any number of structures along its length; may bifurcate into an undetermined number of tines each of which may bifurcate; a part, a part of a part, a part of a part of a part; may function as tethers or other linking mechanisms and systems, may transform, does have to be the same all along its length; a galaxy may be understood as a tine of cosmos; a planet as a tine of solar system, a satellite (natural satellites as in a moon or human-made communication and spy satellites, for instance) may be considered a tine of planetary system; etc., tines may tangle, may be waves, particles, strands, may loop, may knot, twist; tine as probe; etc.