Limited Fork Theory 

is where there is acknowledgement of how things tend to bifurcate, and in this dividing, that eventually  touches everything, some of which touches back (or at least touches something else) carrying forth this impulse to spread until everything is touched --and then perhaps  

--once everything is touched, there is another big bang (or whatever is necessary) to (re) start this process (or a similar, related process) again --over and over until the engines driving this and all related processes 

demands that this BRANCH stops. 

                              An End of Life as We've Known It

then we (or whatever/whomever) appears and dominates will perhaps find relics (or some other evidence) of our reign, and build monuments honoring (or even questioning) us, awarding answers liked best.  NO GUARANTEES. 


Something we've leave may end up in (whatever equivalent of museum proliferates). 

            THIS MAY TAKE (one thing we'll have no more of) TIME.