( Go to Theodore Gray.com for more about do-it-yourself science, and all [okay, maybe just short of all] things periodic table; Go to his spelling with elements site to see where FORK was spelled with Fluorine, Oxygen, Rubidium, and Potassium, and where you can create your own element spellings from Theodore Gray's Photographic Periodic Table Poster (for sale), the source of the images collaborating to spell FORK.  Click here to see a dynamic video wall version of Gray's poster.  Please note the interacting visual, sonic, and behavioral systems, and the simultaneity of multiple scales of visual, sonic, and behavioral activity in these configurations of the stuff of stuff.)


Some History of Limited Fork

(the study of interacting systems: visual, sonic, olfactory, cognitive, imagined, electromagnetic, tactile systems/subsystems on any scale in any location for any duration of time)

from its birth as Limited Fork Poetics through the fork's acquisition of teeth

during Limited Fork's first six months.

Story told in 13 tines (or chapters) each designed to offer small insights into the possibilities that emerge from using a tool that stimlates growth by supporting interactions across scale, location, form, time, dimension, reality, state, sensory mode.

Any offspring of a Limited Fork interaction set (usually also a collaboration set)

is a POAM: Product 5Of Act[s] of Making.

This video chapter book forks up details about the birth, as much as can be known, in 

a movie theater, of a simple and limited tool that can reconfigure perception. Implications of applied Limited Fork Poetics led to a paradigm shift in poetry,

and from there led to  much more generalized acts of thinking, configuring, playing, responding, making, creating, perceiving, framing, etc. across boundaries.  

Limited Fork assumes connectedness, assumes stuff is connectable;  there are more ways to put together a puzzle than pictures on the box indicate.


LIMITED FORK THEORY video chapter (13 tines) book

TINE 1: nothing profound

 (eating popcorn at the Quality 16 cinema

on Jackson Road on a Saturday night)

TINE 2: a moment in which the structure holds

TINE 3: limited fork's dynamic page system

TINE 4: a necessary fork & an understanding of page with teacup

TINE 5: Limited Fork Theory Paternity Test

(movie release dates for October 2004)

TINE 6: Daily Limited Fork Use with a Tour of the Forked Up World

TINE 7: shadows, reflections, interactions

(Shadows, Boxes, Forks, and POAMs:

Thylias Moss interviewed by Richard Siken)

TINE 8: Limited Fork Poetics & the exquisite failure of poetry

(The Raggedness of Interacting Boundaries:

Dan Shapiro interviews Thylias Moss)

TINE 9: never lose your limited fork

(a short history of the fork

and dining with dignity [modified --limited-- forks

for a range of human adjusted normalities and curiosities])

TINE 10: limited fork hand extender prosthetic model

TINE 11: only a model

TINE 12: nervous system fork & the galactic octopus

(My Galactic Octopus was screened at the Ventutous Vanguard Film Festival)

TINE 13: the irregular composition of smooth

See, interact with, and get nets --flat mappings-- of polyhedra (solids: 3D basic shapes that gave us pyramids, obelisks diamonds --blood, Kimberley Process, synthetic, diamond nanotubes, & others-- & other crystals HERE and here: the irregular compostion of ideas & objects: essential raggedness)

**All forkergirl barrettes and brooches in these video chapters are  by Spoonman Creations