Limited Fork Theory

is the study of interacting systems

a thousand-plus words form the picture

Transformation on the left: 

forkergirl all in text, 

her face rewritten in principles of Limited Fork Theory... 


...configurations of a container system that maps both container and contained 

as configuration as both container and  contained function simultaneously, though perceiving both functions simultaneously may prove challenging.  

There are gaps between words, between letters of alphabet, between tines of idea: many entry, exit, bifurcation points.  The idea is a dynamic system rather than a fixed form.  There is movement as if toward something, but a something that cannot be identified without knowing all possible variables that merge (however briefly, in some form on some scale, in some location) for interaction, without knowing all possible forms those interactions take, and it is possible that all possible forms are taken (on some scale in some location for some duration of time).

It is possible that there is no particular destination at all, and if not, then what?  How are we to find/create/manipulate/ configure purpose?  It is possible that these branches and tines, that these bifurcations reach each other again and again on this scale and that scale; multiple junctures creating an apparent solidity when perceived that way.  It is possible that the tines entangle, that they are/that there are universes somewhat like clusters of balls made of clusters of strands of yarn, each possibly infinite and twisting inside itself as well as through other strands, some wavy, some knotted, some frayng (bifurcating in obvious ways), at some magnification, on some scale or scales.  (What is possible some/any where includes what can be imagined, happening for real in the vast universe/multiverse systems of the imagination in the quite real mind where folds of brain are a really extreme organic origami.)



 please listen to why fork


Ina message to Cheryl (a limited fork interaction and collaborartion), forkergirl (and her BFF Thylias) address why FORK (one iteration of which culd be: Fine Organisms Require Kinetic structures

is the model for investigating and configuring experience.   

This partial reason that a fork is a model for 

a bifurcating system of temporary connection also responds to aspects of why there is and should be a limited fork system at all,

a necessity that would not exist if the fork wasn't limited; only a LIMITED fork can take on the strangeness, complexity, and sometimes goofiness, with paranormal twists, and gobs of craiziness and oddity, plus hefty amounts of imagination, that are contributors to the everything of a theory of everything.  

Configuration of  Hypnosis at the Bird Factory, a video poam by forkergirl, as a temporary fixing of a variable center of a configuration of a universe system (that can contain multiple universe systems) that functions as both locus of departure and arrival in an adaptable theory of everything that grows and reconfigures so as to interact with changing information:

At some moment in an interaction, participants (collaborators) 

in that moment in an interaction, deal in partialities of partialities; deal with what clings (somehow) to some location on some tine of interaction.  What clings to a tine interacts 

with the tine, interacts with an idea of clinging itself.  

Interaction allows and assumes possibility and likelihood of some degree of transformation.  

Through prior encounters (interactions) from which there is likely some form & degree of resonance, and with subsequent encounters (interactions), 

a possiblity exists for everything to have been/to be/to become connected, a circuit of contact and influence.